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What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is a continuous integration software tool. It is open source software, developed using the Java programming language. It enables real-time testing and reporting of changes to large code bases.
With this software, developers can quickly identify and resolve problems in their code base. This allows you to automate the testing of new versions, facilitating the continuous integration of changes into your project.
In fact, Jenkin is all about accelerating software development through automation. Jenkins enables you to integrate all stages of your development cycle.

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The benefits of Jenkins

  • Open-source, very easy to configure and use, it allows you to build, automate and deploy code on completely different platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.).
  • Easy to install and features over 1000 plugins. If none of the plugins meet your needs, you can create your own and share it with the community.

  • Developed in Java, so it's portable (or compatible) on all major software platforms.
  • Jenkins automates all integration work. Integration points are few and far between, saving time and money throughout the challenge lifecycle.