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Content delivery network.


  • CDN or Content Delivery Network is a service that improves the performance of your website or web application. This service allows you to manage heavy heavy content of users (like images, audios or videos) by caching it in one of the nodes or CDN PoPs (in a Data Center) in their vicinity.
  • CDN can reduce the cost of content distribution and increase the speed of distribution over a global network.

Utility and advantages

CDN is essential to increase conversion rates in e-commerce, the online games experience or broadcast platforms, either on-demand or streaming. CDN is a perquisite in architectures which require rapid content download, such as:

E-commerce sites

Online games

Online magazines or newspapers

CDN Middle Traffic

250DT/ month
  • 250 GB Traffic

CDN High Traffic

1000DT/ month
  • 1000 GB Traffic

CDN Pay-per-Use

1,300 / hour
  • Unlimited use

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