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Private Cloud

Private cloud is a cloud computing-based infrastructure solution that meets the needs of a single customer or user. Unlike public clouds, private clouds are designed and managed by a single company, which faces varying and complex IT needs and has time and expertise to control. Many companies prefer private clouds over public clouds for security, governance, management, privacy, and compliance reasons.

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How the private cloud helps your business


Offer functionality faster by giving your users on-demand self-service access to infrastructure.


Benefit from the enhanced security of dedicated, physically isolated networks, compute and storage layers.


Customize the dedicated compute, storage, and networking components to best meet your needs.


Get performance advantages over the public cloud, with resources dedicated to your business.

Use case

Choose a private cloud when security, control, and performance are your top priority.

  • Workloads and data with demanding security requirements
  • Critical business applications
  • Address compliance regulations
  • Data sovereignty
  • Applications requiring high performance
  • Data center consolidation and expansion
  • IT-as-a-service
  • Test / development environments and application development
  • Disaster recovery

Your private cloud with the technology that best suits your needs and your operations

Expertise and support for the main private clouds

You have to evolve and innovate to succeed. But the cloud is as complex as it is powerful. Our experts are certified in all major private cloud platforms and technologies - so you don't have to be. Our services cover the whole chain, the selection of Technology, Equipment and Datacenter and more.

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Onapp - The best IaaS solution

Onapp Premier partner from the launch of its forefront with more than 5000 deployments worldwide.

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Jelastic - Most Popular PaaS Solution

With Jelastic your private cloud will be highly scalable with the latest technology and Sys-Admin automation.

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Sunlight - High Performance Computing

Sunlight, A private cloud with the highest performance. The high-performance Private Cloud for the world of finance, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain etc.

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OpenStack private cloud

Co-founded with NASA; the most operational experience in the world by 100 times.

Are you looking for a personalized solution?

Our technicians can provide you with the best custom solutions in the market, no worries whether you are a small or large business.

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