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Rock Solid Cloud Infrastructure


Collaboration and integration: Your files at your fingertips!

  • Modernization of companies through a digitization.
  • Productivity improvement through digital and transparent collaboration.
  • Extension of the collaboration beyond the borders of the company.
  • Integration, including Outlook, LDAP and Active Directory.


SYNC Everywhere

Supports availability of Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS clients. Access, share and work on your important files on the go or sync them.

Share flexibility

Don't put your corporate data at risk with free public servers. Share with Safozi Drive in the Tunisian cloud with full control, download rights and password protection.

Powerful security

Protected by end-to-end encryption and Group Policy settings.

Calendar and Contacts

Sharing the calendar with other Safozi users or groups and synchronizing with your devices to get to know them better.

Compliance a priority

Designed with auditing capabilities, file access control and GDPR compliance.

Versioning and restoring files

Recovers accidentally deleted data or files. Restore your edited PDF files, documents or spreadsheets to the preferable version.

Installation on MBox 2G

45DT/ mois

Installation costs 450 DNT H

  • 40 GB SAS Redundant Storage

Installation on LBox 4G

95DT/ mois

Installation costs 450 DNT HT

    80 GB SAS Redundant Storage

Installation on XLBox 8G

195DT/ mois

Installation costs 450 DNT HT

    160 GB SAS Redundant Storage

Plan includes also

  • Secure Cloud Servers
  • Unlimited Users
  • Files, Calendar, Contacts, Task, Notes, Gallery et encore plus
  • Mobile: Android, iOS
  • Desktop: Windows, MAC, LINUX
  • Secure Web Support: HTTPS
  • Outlook Integration: FREE
  • Online Office in Web / Mobile
  • Admin Policy Contro
  • Audit Trail
  • Encryption: SSL, 2FA
  • File Access Control
  • Daily Backup
  • Advanced Malware Protection (Ransomware)
  • Standard Support: Email, Remote 1 Working Days

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