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Mr. Zied Ouled Ali

Founder of SAFOZI, Mr Zied OULED ALI is an engineer in economics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology "KIT" graduated in November 2009, specialized in Business Administration, Corporate Finance and Applied Mathematics in Financial Markets. Mr OULED ALI began his professional life in the Management and Strategy Consulting business. In September 2010, he held the position of Start-up Manager at KIT's incubator CIE - Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He was responsible for seeking funding for incubated start-ups. This function culminated in the successful financing of a start-up in the capital management branch in April 2011. Then he continued as an entrepreneurial consultant for his personal account. After the Tunisian revolution, Mr OULED ALI decided to return to Tunisia to help rebuild his country. His first professional experience in Tunisia began in January 2012 in a Tunisian consulting firm as a consultant on a $ 2.5 billion investment project. This project is dedicated to launching a multidisciplinary institution in private higher education. In this new challenge, he has held the position of Project Management Manager. In January 2013 Mr OULED ALI devoted himself fully to the launch of the SAFOZI start-up and to the incubation activity. Mr. Zied OULED ALI is fluent in Arabic, German, English and French.

Advisory Board

Dr. Fouad OMRI

Co-founder of SAFOZI, Product Management and Technology Advisor and Innovation: Computer scientist graduated from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology "KIT" also, specializing in software engineering in January 2010. Dr. Omri started as a research scientist within the KIT Institute of Software Engineering where he was preparing his PhD on "Weighted Statistical Testing for Software Reliability Assessment" Thanks to his knowledge of mathematics Mr. OMRI has carried out research on sensor systems, heuristic optimization, data organization and finally risk management and mathematical finance applied to technology. He has published several scientific articles in scientific conferences and journals such as: "International Workshop on Formal Engineering Approaches to Software Components and Architecture" and "The International Conference of Software Engineering". He also works as a consultant for the institute's partner companies. He worked at 1 & 1 Internet AG as Cloud Computing Specialist for the launch and management of the 1 & 1 Cloud Lab. He also held the position of Product Manager in the 1 & 1 Server and Tools department. Dr. Fouad OMRI is fluent in four languages: Arabic, German, English and French.

Mr. Mohamed BOUSSORA

Advisor of SAFOZI’s founding members and member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mohamed Boussora graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science and a DEA in Software Engineering from the University of Quebec in Montreal and McGill University. Mr. Mohamed began his professional career in Canada and has over 20 years of national and international experience in the information technology and telecommunications industry. Mr. Boussora's areas of expertise are in IT security, cloud computing, and end-to-end management of technology projects. Mr. Boussora has an entrepreneurial experience of more than 13 years. It has set up several entities to serve local and international clients in several sectors such as: telecommunications, retail, finance and banking, government, energy, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, etc. Mr. Mohamed BOUSSORA is fluent in Arabic, English and French.

Dr. Fedi El ARBI

Advisor to the founder of SAFOZI. Mr. Fedi El Arbi holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe and a PhD in Management from the European Business School. During his three-year career he worked as a researcher at the European Business School, conducting research and consulting projects on project management and supplier management. Mr. Fedi El ARBI is currently a Management Assistant at KPMG in Munich, Germany. He mainly assists large German companies in the creation of shared service centers and in the optimization of their financial processes. Mr. Fedi El ARBI has good grasp of languages: Arabic, German, English and French.

M. Mohamed ABOUDA

Advisor to the founder of SAFOZI and member of the Board of Directors, Mohamed ABOUDA is an engineer in Electronics. He has over 25 years of international experience in software development, project management, program management, business development, marketing, sales, strategy and subsidiary management within European and American companies of reference. Mohamed ABOUDA has acquired his professional experience in activities related to solar energy, marking and industrial identification, smart cards as well as personal identification systems (biometrics, database, map of identity, ePassport). Mr Mohamed ABOUDA is fluent in Arabic, French and English.