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What is Sonarqube?

SonarQube is open source code quality control software.
It is used to examine the source code of software and applications under development and detect bugs, security vulnerabilities, instances of duplicate code and other anomalies that may affect the quality of the source code and therefore the resulting behavior of the application.
The aim is to help developers produce higher quality code while simplifying the development process.

Who's concerned?
SonarQube is the ideal solution for software development teams seeking to improve the quality of their products while reducing the number of bugs and other errors associated with their source code.
The use of static analysis is ideal for teams following an Agile or DevOps approach.
It enables you to identify code-related problems as early as possible in the development process and resolve them before deploying your solution.

SonarQube reports

After receiving and analyzing your code files, SonarQube generates 7 types of reports:

  • Application architecture and design
  • Unit testing (analysis of specific parts of the code)
  • Duplicate code
  • Potential bugs
  • Complex code
  • Programming rules (the right rules for the language in question)
  • Comments

Sonarqube benefits

Rapid error detection

Long-lasting applications

Higher productivity


Cost savings