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Rock Solid Cloud Infrastructure

SAFOZI Cluster Management

The tool that allows you to ensure the high availability of your applications


SAFOZI Load Balancer Clusters: this service enables equitable balance of the traffic on the cluster’s servers (Boxes, DIY). SAFOZI Virtual Machine Horizontal Autoscaling: this service enables users to increase or decrease the number of serves on the cluster. This is called «scale-in» or «scale-out» and is done according to rules predefined by the server in proportion to resources consumption.

load balancer horizontal autoscaling

Utility and advantages

SAFOZI Cluster Management services allows to increase the platform availability. They are mainly for solution architectures with high-availability and a cluster performance needs, such as:

E-commerce websites

Online video-games

Magazines or online newspapers

Computing software

SAFOZI Horizontal Autoscaling

35DT/ mois
  • This service makes it possible to increase or reduce the number of servers in the cluster. This is then the "scale-in" or "Scale-out" which will be done according to the rules that the user will set according to the consumption of resources.