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Rock Solid Cloud Infrastructure


SAFOZI - Rock Solid Cloud Infrastructure




Company's Description

SAFOZI SARL is a company founded in 2012 which offers information technology services to small and medium businesses based on Cloud Computing technology; Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service. Its services are designed to reduce IT infrastructure investment costs, enable virtual server access anywhere and anytime, simplify and accelerate the adoption of the IT technology and the deployment of applications, and reinforce user productivity and experience using appliied Cloud technology.

Mission & Vision


SAFOZI is working on the implementation and development of the information and communication technology infrastructure based on Cloud Computing technology.

SAFOZI is committed to easing access to infrastructure by reducing costs and providing a product with the most competitive value for its price and working on improving the quality of the applied technology and its services.


  • Client orientation
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism


  • Develop innovative solutions for customers.
  • High quality staff
  • Create strategic partnerships with local and global operators in the sector.
  • Initiate a partnership and working relationships with academic institutions and contribute to the promotion of its know-how for future generations.
  • Work to meet needs through the creation and application of new information technologies.
  • Collaborate closely with incubators specialized in innovation and high-tech.


  • The endowment of further mastery of IT diligence, acquisition, deployment, support and continuous cost management.
  • The use of specific reliable, user-friendly and easy to operate services at the request of the user to significantly reduce heavy investments in Servers, software, application licenses, security and data management and data storage capabilities.
  • Eliminating excessive costs and quickly improving clients’ ROI.
  • Promoting the development of small newly created entities or companies that still face livelihood difficulties due mainly to very high operating expenses.