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Rock Solid Cloud Infrastructure

SAFOZI Platform Security.

Considering data security our highest priority, SAFOZI Infrastructure was highly secured .
The cloud servers are even secured for free .

SAFOZI Cloud platform adopts "multi-layered security model." This allows customers to customize the security measures at the network, hypervisors and cloud servers level.

Virtualization approach

The virtualization architecture of SAFOZI physical servers provides the basis for a secure cloud service, ensuring a total separation of the Cloud servers operating systems and hypervisors. Compared to the "Container-based Virtualization" approach , this is more reliable, because the cloud and physical servers share some elements of operating systems. On SAFOZI Cloud Platform, an attack on the physical server operating systems has no direct effect on the customers Cloud Servers.

The client isolation module: The Customer Isolation Module "ICD" has three main functions:

  • Secure VLAN :
    CIM that enables secure sharing of VLANs across multiple cloud servers and management on multiple VLANs on the platform and on their IPs.

  • Private VLAN :
    With CIM, every customer has full security in their section of the platform. The platform provides security of a private VLAN without additional expense.

  • CIM FireWall :
    CIM provides an additional layer of firewall on hypervisors.
Security Plateforme

Four Firewall security levels

This is the fastest way to activate the created new accounts and to renew subscriptions ( in less than 15 minutes). SAFOZI offers the possibility to its customers to pay by cheque in order to validate their purchase orders. Customers are requested to deposit their cheques in our local. SAFOZI platform has by default four Firewall security layers. This includes firewalls on the network, Firewalls on hypervisors and Firewalls on each cloud server. This is, of course, still secured by other Firewall tools:

Firewall on networks and infrastructure:

Firewall tools installed on the network, the equipment and the data center.

Firewall on hypervisors:

The platform also offers a wide range of firewall and security services installed on the hypervisor platforms in order to ensure complete separation of cloud servers and its data.

CIM Firewall:

The platform also has a unique technology specific to users of OnApp. This technology wich is a part of CIM module is installed on hypervisors.This is an additional service for the protection against anti-manipulation and anti-sniffing in order to ensure that no cloud server interacts with another. This is possible only when it is explicitly allowed by the client. The Firewall examines in and out packets in of cloud servers. It blocks all non-conforming packets.

Cloud servers Firewall:

The final layer is a Firewall client level. Firewall configuration is done from the customer area on each cloud server. Each server can be configured to allow or block traffic from IPs specified by the customer.

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